Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP)

Working together for a stronger economy

What is the intended outcome?

To be able to map out the next five years for the overall nation activity, including the concept study and for each economic development opportunity that arises

What is the decision being made?

Community idea generation for concept studies to be placed within the EDSP for the next five years and the economic development portfolio to approve the concept study and overall strategic plan.

How will the decision impact the community (identify impacts to all stakeholder groups affected)

This decision will have a direct impact of potential job opportunities that will be offered within the nation, as well as Land Management and expanding entrepreneurism opportunities

Image by Fredrik Öhlander
Using a Touch Phone
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel
Image by Benjamin Davies
The Wall of Ideas
WFH Setup

Concept Study Format

Purpose: The concept study is a core component of the Economic Development Strategic Plan. It is the feasibility analysis that is...


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